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3 Manifestation Methods To Manifest Anything

Melissa Hussong manifestation and mindset coach on 3 manifestation methods to help you manifest anything fast

Conscious manifestation has the power to radically change your life. 

The reality is we are all master manifestors, whether we know it or not. 

Our thoughts become things and we are what we attract. 

So, what are you attracting?

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I’m so angry’ then felt completely hostile?

Or said ‘I’m so frustrated’ then felt like you were about to explode? 

When I was in my twenties I was in perpetual victim mode. Everywhere I looked someone was doing me wrong - boyfriend. coworkers, bosses, family, friends. The more I focused on the unfairness directed at me, the worse I felt and the more unfairness I experienced as a result. 

This was a very painful cycle of my life because everything seemed to be happening to me and I felt totally disempowered to make any changes. 

My entire world shifted when I learned about manifestation. I started to consciously use my mindset to create my reality with my thoughts. 

I chose empowering words and expansive beliefs, instead of disempowering thoughts and limiting beliefs. 

It opened a new world of potential for me and showed me that I was capable of attracting amazing wealth, love and abundance into my life on levels I never could have imagined. 

One thing lead to another and I started the business of my dreams empowering other women explore their potential through mindset and manifestation. 

Here are my top 3 manifestation methods for an amazing life:



One powerful way to start manifesting is with affirmations. 

Affirmations work with the subconscious mind to shift our identity and beliefs. Affirmations speak directly to the subconscious mind as suggestions that over time shape who we become. 

Affirmations were some of the first ways I started to shift my identity and beliefs on what I thought was possible for me. 

And when we shift our identity, there are so many other subconscious shifts we make that impact our behavior, thoughts and beliefs. 

I found myself effortlessly embodying the next-level version of who I wanted to become, effortlessly. 

This is the power of the Law of Attraction. 

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The key with affirmations is to affirm that you already are what you want to become. 

For example, you can affirm ‘I have the perfect job with good pay and benefits’ even if you are still job searching. 

Or, ‘my business is cashflow positive’ even if you are still in the start-up stages. 

I used affirmations to start my business, become a motorcycle rider, fall pregnant, develop more confidence, attract income, move internationally, find housing - you name it! 

The sky is the limit with affirmations so feel free to have affirmations for every aspect of your life - relationships, love, money, career, health, wellbeing. 

Ensure your affirmations begin with ‘I am’ and use positive, empowering language that makes you feel good. 



Visualization is another technique that I love. 

It is quick, free, and very low effort to visualize your goals as if they have already come true. 

Visualization, or mental rehearsal, is scientifically tested to produce better results by first seeing the outcome in your minds’ eye. 

There’s a reason elite athletes use visualization to win big. 

The important thing here is to imagine yourself enjoying the end results of your manifestations - love, laughter, wealth, abundance, creativity. 

If you are manifesting a house on a hill with a house full of children then see yourself laughing at the dinner table in that exact house.

Picture small details like smiles and the topic of conversation. 

If you are manifesting the business of your dreams then see yourself enjoying the sun while on a beach checking your emails. 

Visualization need only take 2-4 minutes every day. 

Make it fun and high vibe to get the best results. 



Manifestation scripting is a the journalling version of visualization. 

Scripting involves writing your end results in journalling fashion while getting as specific as possible. 

Manifestation scripting bypasses the conscious mind to channel deeper thoughts, ideas, and creativity that we might otherwise overlook with our logical minds. 

You can script out your perfect day when you are a wealthy CEO of your dream business. 

You can script out going on your dream vacation with family and friends. 

You can script out your ideal family situation with the the number of children you want and their personalities. 

A common way I use scripting in my business is to journal about the next step I need to take in my business as if it is already come true with best case scenario results. 

One time I journaled about waking up to payment notifications, then exactly a week later this became my reality. 

Manifestation scripting can be anywhere from 3-4 pages to 10 pages. As long as it feels fun and joyful rather than a chore you will find yourself manifesting your reality fast. 

I like to do my manifestation scripting in the morning for 3 pages of my notebook. By the time I am 1.5 pages in, I find myself channeling different energies and coming up with exciting ideas that I then go implement in my business. 

Use these three manifestation methods to manifest anything you want fast!

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