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Working long days in your business with little to show for it is exhausting. Not to mention you feel totally overwhelmed doing all the things and wonder if you’ll ever get to where you want to be in your business.

 To have stress and anxiety steal all the joy in your business because you are constantly thinking about revenue, self-doubt, or if you’re even making a difference.

 But business is supposed to be fun, and you deserve to be paid well while doing it!




By applying insights from her business podcast Full Time Freedom and 3BBR radio show, Melissa guides clients through mindset and strategy work to get you from burnt out in your business to feeling like a badass in 12 weeks.


Melissa understands the difference between gaining momentum in your business and giving up completely. 


Clients work with Melissa one-on-one and in her mastermind, and always get started with a free Energizing Clarity Session for high-level strategy on how to move toward their business goals with ease so that you can earn the money you deserve. 


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