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Abundance is your birthright


Everything is rigged in your favor. You are inclined for success and the life of your dreams is inevitable. 

Discover my Abundant Life guide to help you start manifesting your most abundant life today. 


Welcome to your new reality, my dear. 

I'm Melissa Hussong and I'm a mindset and manifestation coach on a mission to help women just like you find more confidence, self-esteem, and control by living an empowered life. 

I went from bored, frustrated, and tired with life to confident, positive, and full of joy through the same principles I now teach in my programs to empower women. 

Once you start, a whole new world opens up to show that you are capable of more than you ever realized. 

You get to live a life you've always dreamed of full of happiness, joy and freedom.

That's where I come in. My purpose in life is to help & support 1 million women so they can authentically live the life of their dreams!

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