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5 Things That Helped Expand My Business Growth

Melissa Hussong mindset and manifestation coach on how to scale and improve your business.

At the age of 30, I took a chance and left my corporate job to pursue full time entrepreneurship.

It was a risk, but one I was willing to take.

And that leap of faith? It paid off in so many ways.

I didn’t always know what I was doing. I was new to entrepreneurship and totally green on how to create and run a business.

Since then I have learned so many valuable lessons.

Here are 5 things that changed the game in my business:

Morning routine

Have you ever woken up with anxiety or stress about the day ahead?

A morning routine works to combat that with positive energy and thought forms.

My morning routine is a must-have in my day. It sets me on the right path and reminds me as soon as I wake up about who I am and what I am working towards.

It gives me space and time to program my mind to the behaviors and values I want to uphold throughout the day.

Some morning routine elements that I love:
💜Vision board gazing (2 minutes)
💜Visualization (4 minutes)
💜Read empowering books (10 minutes)
💜Meditation (10-20 minutes)
💜Affirmations (1 minute)
💜Prayer and gratitude (2 minutes)

In under 45 minutes, I have reinforced my goals and filled my mind with positive and empowering thoughts.

Over the years I added more and more elements to my morning routine as my capacity expended (and I started getting up earlier).

If you are someone who wants to start a morning routine then the first step is to wake up 15 minutes earlier and reflect on your goals.

Start small and gradually add more as you feel guided. 

Time blocking

Early on in my entrepreneur career it became clear that without the structure of a 9-5 work day I had no idea how to manage my time.

I was so used to the cadence of meetings all day then squeezing work in between them that I had totally forgotten how to manage myself without a boss telling me what to do.

This was sure to be an issue with all the start-up tasks involved in launching a business.

With this self awareness I was able to start blocking my time to complete tasks like registering my LLC, creating a website, creating content, and planning my email marketing.

To this day I still block chunks of time (sometimes entire days) to do deep work in my business. 

Working with the subconscious mind

This was a game-changer for me. It came much later in my entrepreneurial career, though I wish I found it sooner.

Working with the subconscious mind completely changed what I thought was possible for me in my business. I was able to release old beliefs and patterns that were holding me back.

I began to access new parts of me like my higher self and my intuition that unlocked better decision making.

I felt more inspired and less self-conscious so began making 10x the content for my channels.

I became conformable selling and I started to exponentially expand my income.

I manifested my goals in all areas of my life faster than I ever thought possible.

The subconscious mind is always working and when I started to program it with special techniques my path to success became clearer and I switched over into the fast lane. 

Up-leveling my identity

Our identity is the single most important thing we have for personal growth - we will always live in congruence with who we believe ourselves to be.

For example, I am a reader so I read everyday. Or, I am a motorcyclist so I ride motorcycles regularly.

Whatever you believe you are is who you are.

So, who are you?

Wherever you are right now in your career/business/relationships/life is a reflection of who you were in the past.

In order to change our trajectory we must first change our identity.

For me, this looked like:
👉🏽Shifting my beliefs about who I was
👉🏽Starting to embody the energy of a coach who changes lives
👉🏽Taking pride in my appearance
👉🏽Modeling the people I looked up to and respected

Shifting your identity can be as simple as shifting your language and style of dress, or as deep as reprogramming your brain with subconscious mind techniques.

Planning for success

When I started working for myself there was always a cloud over me that suggested ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’.

Sometimes I would run through in my head all the people I would disappoint if my business failed and what they would say to me.

On extra fearful days, I would cry and tell my husband I just wanted him to be proud of me.

Yes, truly.

These days I have totally shifted that perspective.

I refuse to entertain feelings of inadequacy and failure.

Instead, I imagine how it will feel when everything has worked out for my highest and best good.

I plan for the best case scenario at all times and, even more than that, I expect it.

How this looks in my business;
👉🏽Implementing systems at scale
👉🏽Investing in automation when I can no longer single-handedly mange everything
👉🏽Creating content en masse for all my channels to reach my community where they are
👉🏽Investing time and money into my continuing education as a coach/podcaster/business owner

Planning for success was a simple mindset hack that changed the game for my business.

It’s as simple as thinking ‘what will happen if I succeed?’ Then taking steps to get there.


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