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How Burn Out Impacted My Life

Melissa Hussong mindset and manifestation coach talks about overcoming burnt out and living with purpose.

Burn out is a VERY real.

My story of burnt out did not happen over night. It was spread over several years and crept up on me without much notice.

Despite the detrimental impacts I was able to function with it for another year before making massive shifts in my life to free myself from burn out.

I let burn out impact my life and relationships for far too long.

Here are some ways that burn out effected my life:


Frustration at work

This is the most obvious one for me and what I thought was the source of all my other troubles. I was actually a small piece of the puzzle and something I now take total responsibility for.

I went to school for Economics and was a trained data analyst.

I had landed in the perfect job with great pay and wonderful coworkers and a flexible working arrangement.

I remember calling my mum in Australia to tell her how happy I was that I got the job. She was so proud.

I was good at what I did and enjoyed it, or so I thought.

Increasingly, I felt like I was on a never-ending treadmill of deadlines, meetings, presentations, short lunch breaks, and counting down the minutes til the end of my day.

Even heard of the Sunday night scaries - where you have anxiety about leaving for work on Monday? I had those BIG time. 


Always tired

Exhaustion was my normal state for so long.

I would go to work and come home from work completely exhausted then sleep on the couch until dinner time.

No matter what I did or how much sleep I got at night I always felt like a cast member from the Walking Dead.

It got to the point where I was avoiding social engagements because I didn’t have the energy to see my friends or socialize.


Anxiety and tension

Another thing I felt during this time was extreme anxiety and tension about everything and everyone.

Since I felt like my life was out of control and I couldn’t get a grasp on my burn out, I started looking to others as an outlet for my need to control things.

When things didn’t go my way I would second guess the situation and my role in it.

I would spend hours thinking about what other’s said or did and wonder if I was at fault.

Constant stress

If you’d told me back then that I was functioning at a high level of stress all the time I would have though you were crazy.

I was, but I didn’t even know it.

The only reason it came to my attention was through my acupuncturist. After taking my pulse one day, she asked if I felt any tension because my heart rate was elevated.

I felt normal, of course, which was a huge red flag that I had learned to function with a high baseline of stress.

This was a groundbreaking moment for me and something I took really seriously.


Health issues

All of these impacts from burn out started to take a huge toll on my health.

The impact on my health was the largest and longest impact I felt from burnt out.

All the constant stress, anxiety, frustration and exhaustion were wreaking havoc with my body.

I had chronic adult acne, my hair was falling out, my hormones were a wreck, I had missed periods, I was underweight and undernourished.

Late one night I ended up in the emergency room with severe abdominal pains for unresolved reasons.

No matter what I did I couldn’t solve my health issues.

I spent over 2 years seeing various healthcare practitioners and specialists and getting conflicting viewpoints/diagnoses.


Where I think I went wrong

Looking back and connecting all the dots I can now see that my burnt out was really a byproduct of living out of alignment.

Sure, I was trained as a data analyst and good at it but it wasn’t what I was put here to do. I was suppressing so many other aspects of my personality to be the ‘perfect’ analyst that it was causing me to deny who I was in the process.

My health issues were messages from my body that things weren’t going well. If I’d spent more time listening to what my body was telling me I might have figured things out sooner.

I finally took responsibly for how I was feeling and made some radical changes in my life:

👉🏽I quit my job cold turkey.

👉🏽I went into sales which I had no previous experience.

👉🏽I started exploring my passions.

👉🏽I started eating real, nourishing food without guilt or fear.

👉🏽I started to step into my authentic self, unapologetically.

👉🏽I started to honor all aspects of who I was and was becoming.

My story of burn out is really my origin story.

The experience I had with burn out lead me to where I am now where I coach other women to overcome burnt out, find their inner badass and start living into their potential.

I feel I have found my true calling and have never felt more healthy or well or more myself in my entire life.

If you’re someone struggling with burn out and overwhelm and want to make real, lasting changes in your life that help you pursue happiness and peace then you’ll love my 3 month private coaching container where we meet weekly to review your progress and create subconscious transformations that make you feel empowered and confident. Schedule a free Energizing Clarity Session today to see if it is a good fit for you!


Have a wonderful day, my loves!