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How To Manifest Anything You Want Faster

Melissa Hussong riding through the outback on a motorcycle road trip

We all want to manifest our dream life and we want it all FAST. Too many people give up on their dreams before they start seeing results.

My hope is that this blog post sparks an idea to inspire you to keep going and claim your right to your most amazing manifestations.

Here’s what you need to do to start manifesting faster:

Embody your next level self and be her NOW

This step is so powerful because it involves shifting your identity to who it is you want to become. Our identity is the most important way we categorize ourselves in this life.

In other words, what we say we are is what we are. We will always act in congruence with who we identify ourselves to be.

For example, I am a reader so I read books everyday. Or, I am a healthy person so I eat well and exercise everyday. Or I am a motorcyclist so I ride my motorcycle all the time.

Shifting our identity is powerful in changing our behaviors.

💜What does your next level self do?

💜How does she speak?

💜What does she wear?

💜What does she believe?

When you get crystal clear on the answers to these questions and start to live into the person you want to be, your energy will rise up to meet your manifestations and they will have no other option than to show up in your physical reality.

Release the need to control the outcome

Relax and trust the process that everything is working out for your highest good. Controlling the outcome only takes energy away from the thing you want to manifest.

Besides, the Universe works in amazing ways and may even give you something better than you expected to manifest. In my experience, most of the time it does.

If you are committed to one outcome and what you want to manifest shows up even better than you expect then you won’t notice that you already have it.

For example, for 2 years I was manifesting a a cross-country road motorcycle roadtrip. I lived in Minnesota at the time so I thought I would be riding from Minnesota to Texas and visualized me crossing the Texas state line on my motorcycle.

When we moved to Australia, it became clear that my roadtrip might not happen. I released my hold on the outcome and figured it would happen at some point, somewhere in my life.

Within 2 months of arriving in Australia, I had my cross-country motorcycle road trip - except it was across Australia instead.

What I wanted to manifest happened much quicker than I ever expected once I finally let go of the outcome I thought I wanted. And you know what?

it was 1000% better than I could have ever imagined. I had the time of my life.


Release your idea of strict timelines

Divine timing means that your manifestations will occur at exactly the right time that you need them and no sooner.

By releasing the concept of time on your manifestations, you allow your manifestations to unfold perfectly exactly when they are supposed to manifest.

Quantum physics says all timelines are happening simultaneously anyway, so if you believe this then you already have what it is you want - just in another space and time.

So if that’s the case, then act like you already have it and your current reality will converge with your other timelines and you will get what you want in the physical realm much faster.

And the energy of you having it already will quickly magnetize it to you.


Exert energy into the thing you want to manifest

Often, people give up too soon because what they want hasn’t happened yet so they give up and move on. Or even worse, they convince themselves is was a silly idea anyway and forget all about it and then continue to play small.

But the things we want to manifest are there for a reason. Everything you want, wants you, too.

You must always give sufficient energy into your manifestations in order for them to manifest.

A couple of ways to do this:

💜Play a mind movie in your mind’s eye of you already having what it is you desire

💜Write your goals on a sheet and stick them around the house

💜Create a vision board of your dream life

All these techniques will remind you throughout the day of what you are working towards. And the more positive energy you send to your manifestations, the faster they will appear in your physical reality.


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Have a wonderful day, my loves!