Abundant Life Guide

How To Unlock Your Abundant Life and Start Thriving

Melissa Hussong mindset and manifestation coach on how to live your abundant life.

I didn’t always feel abundant. I spent most of my life in fear of not having enough: money, friends, opportunities, shoes.

I would scrimp and save every penny for a rainy day in case something catastrophic happened.

I was thrifty to a fault and never invested in myself beyond the absolute necessities.

This scarcity mindset severely limited my world view, depleted my energy, made me feel like I was constantly lacking, and cultivated a fear of ‘what will I do when it all runs out?’.


When I started learning about the Universal Laws it became clear to me that I was creating my own reality.

My scarcity mindset around money was reinforcing scarcity in all areas of my life. So I decided to replace scarcity with abundance.

What I saw blew my mind.

Abundance is everywhere. The choice to see it is up to us.

The Law of Abundance states that there is unlimited wealth for everyone so long as you know how to acquire it and keep it.

We live in an infinitely abundant Universe and we are designed for abundance, otherwise we wouldn’t desire wealth and nice things.

Humans are naturally goal-oriented beings so whatever we set our minds to and focus on we automatically begin creating.

This is good news because it means we can consciously decide to focus on thoughts that are empowering and expansive rather than disempowering and limiting.

When I set my mind on abundance I saw more of it and it multiplied every time I thought about it.

Not only did I experience more money but I also experienced abundance in relationships, business opportunities, creative endeavors, chance meetings with people who would change my trajectory.

This is my blueprint to unlock your abundant life and start thriving:


1.Your life is as wild as you dare to dream so DREAM BIG

In order to manifest your dream life, you must know what you want before you can create it in your physical reality.

This is why you must have a clear vision for what you want to accomplish in life.

Make it as juicy as you can imagine and get crystal clear on how it will feel once you arrive at your goal.

Anything you want is possible for you so long as you have a clear intention and target you are constantly moving towards.

When you are able to focus your internal compass towards a goal, you can start to shift your internal frameworks and systems so that you start to manifest those outcomes.

2.Get laser focused on your vision

Where you focus goes your energy will flow.

Focus is one of our most underrated superpowers.

We can spend hours consuming social media content yet little time and effort on the direction we are headed in life.

Which is the more important use of time and focus?

Become obsessed with what you want to accomplish and focus on what you want, not what you don't want.

Pour your energy into positive, expansive thoughts about your dream life.

Daydream about what it looks like when it has come true.

Imagine people congratulating you on your successes.

Take baby steps every day in the direction you want to go.

Humans are naturally goal-oriented and when you give yourself something to focus on you achieve it much quicker.


3.Release old beliefs and decisions that are keeping you stuck

On the journey to living your best life, you can sometimes be pulled back into old patterns of behavior of the person you used to be.

This can look like sleeping in past your alarm because you no longer want to work out.

It can be giving up on your manifestation practice before you see results.

Reverting to a scarcity mentality instead of limitless abundance.

Or listening to negative self-talk that prevents you from trying something new.

Our subconscious mind is constantly absorbing information around us that holds us back.

By releasing these beliefs we can unlock our potential and stop caring what others think.

(I work with clients to release subconscious blocks using EFT tapping, NLP, hypnosis, and neuro-energetic wiring so they can quickly gain momentum on their goals, find clarity on their vision, unlock their abundance, and fast forward into their dream life. Book a free Energizing Clarity Session to find out how you can get unstuck and start manifesting abundance today)

Release old beliefs, exonerate your previous self, and move forward unafraid into a life you love.

4.Embody the energy of who you want to become

Energy is everything.

When we embody the energy of who we want to become we start to vibrate at a higher level making us more magnetic.

Raise your vibration to meet your manifestations and receive the abundance you desire into your life.

This is done with mindset work to control your thoughts of who you believe you are and what you are capable of.

Shifting your identity is an important part of embodiment.

You can begin to lean into the energy of success, or that ‘winning feeling’.

Carry this energy everywhere and you will see noticeable changes in your environment and interactions with others.


5.Daily energy work

We all have days where we just aren’t feeling it, am I right?

No matter how disciplined your mindset or on-point your manifestation - we can all do with ongoing maintenance to keep our vibration up.

Energy work keeps you at your highest vibration and in a state of excellence ready to receive your manifestations.

In a state of excellence you are unstoppable and absolutely magnetic to your desires.

Energy work practices you can try at home:
💜EFT tapping
💜Words of affirmation

My biggest takeaway from learning about the Law of Abundance is that abundance is our birthright.

We are all uniquely crafted with special skills and abilities that, when expressed, unlock our limitless abundance.

By focusing your attention on your vision for the future, pouring your energy into it, and raising your vibration to meet your manifestations you are guaranteed to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted.

Your success is inevitable.

If you are someone who is struggling to find abundance and start manifesting, then check out my Abundant Life guide where I share all my favorite energy work practices of journal prompts and affirmations to help you get clear on what you want, find your purpose, and live your dream life. Download your copy here!