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Motorcycle Helmet & Headgear Demonstration // Women Motorcycle Riders

Ever wondered what goes on your head while riding? There are a few key pieces of headwear I use every time I ride and I'm not just talking about a motorcycle helmet. Some are obvious and some not so much. 

In this blog post you will learn about the important motorcycle safety gear that goes on your head to protect you. I’ll discuss the motorcycle safety gear I wear every time I ride and explain why each piece is important. 

My absolute headgear must-haves while riding are a modular motorcycle helmet, earplugs and head wrap. 

I wear a modular helmet because it protects my entire head while riding and keeps the weather and wind out of my face.

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Wearing a motorcycle helmet is quite damaging to hair follicles so I wear a head wrap/bandana/gaiter each time I ride to cover my roots. This is especially important for women who ride motorcycles. I learned abut this from my hair stylist who also rides - it's called friction alopecia when extended wear of hats/helmets starts to loosen the hair root and the hair wears away. Not something I want to deal with!

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The last piece of headgear I never ride my motorcycles without is earplugs. They reduce decibel noise by about 10 DB - riding motorcycles is around 80-90 decibels whereas ambient noise in a cafe is around 70. Riding without earplugs for extended periods has shown to damage hearing for older riders who have been doing this for decades. 

Check out the YouTube video above for a demonstration of the headgear I wear and how to properly put on a motorcycle helmet and insert earplugs. 

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