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Motorcycle Jacket Demonstration For Women // Women Motorcycle Riders

Buying a jacket to wear while you’re riding can be a very overwhelming experience. There are a lot of different options with various features and price points. Your riding jacket is one of the most important pieces of motorcycle safety gear you buy so you want to make sure you invest your money wisely, stay safe, look cute, and feel good. 

In this blog post you’ll learn what motorcycle safety jacket is, why its a good idea to wear one, why not all riding jackets are created equal, important features to look for when buying, things to stay away from, different options available, and how to pick one that fits your size. 

I have 2 motorcycle jackets that I wear when I ride at various times of the year. My Summer jacket is made by Harley-Davidson and has 3 layers. What I love about is the mesh underlay that is perfect for hot weather riding.

My Fall//Winter is made by Victory Motorcycles and is leather with an insulated vest. It is super cozy on cold weather rides and since it's leather it keeps the wind out which I love. 

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When shopping for a motorcycle jacket, always make sure you buy one with protective armor or pockets to insert armor. The armor will protect you in a crash and the jacket will keep road rash at bay. Stay away from jackets that do not include armor or abrasion resistant fabrics. 

Motorcycle jackets for riding motorcycles are not the same motorcycle jackets for fashion purposes. Motorcycle riding jackets have extra safety features like protective armor, pockets for ventilation, a high neckline to keep out road debris/bugs, and are made with abrasion resistant fabrics. 

When looking for your size for your motorcycle jacket, always buy a jacket with slightly more room than you need - this will come in handy when you wear extras layers underneath. You don't want your jacket too tight or too loose. 

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If your motorcycle jacket is too loose the protective armor won't stay in place when you need it and, on the other hand, if it's too tight you will not have full use of your body to control your motorcycle. 

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Download my free guide How To Be A Badass Biker Babe and Live Your Best Life to help you get started riding motorcycles!

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