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Motorcycles in Australia

This week was a BIG for me. 


It’s was my first time riding a motorcycle since being back in Australia. Not only that, but in a few short days I went from not owning a motorcycle to having the PERFECT motorcycle fall into my lap. With very minimal effort. 


I bought it, of course. But not without several set backs first. 


I’d always planned to buy my motorcycle in Australia on financing. To be honest - moving across the world ain’t cheap so I thought making payments would be easier than splashing cash. 


It was not to be. The dealership’s finance rep lovingly told me that I wouldn’t qualify since I was brand new to the country. Fair enough.


I’ve moved across the world several times now so I understand breaking into a new financial system takes time and patience. At least I have a few more years under my belt than the first time I did it when I was 21. 


Back to the drawing board. I guess I would be spending straight cash on my new motorcycle after all - not ideal, but it wasn’t going to let it stop me.


I’d been looking at the Honda Africa Twin as a nice touring adventure bike for my new life in Australia. There were a few listed online but none were fully fitted out with all the touring accessories I was looking for. 


Side note: motorcycling in Australia is nowhere near as popular as the US so they are WAY fewer motorcycles available and used vehicles rarely come on the market.


After almost giving up hope of finding something I turned to my manifestation practice. Why not apply manifestation methods to finding a new motorcycle? Seemed like a good idea. 


In less than 12 hours I found a motorcycle listing I hadn’t seen yet, the motorcycle had a full touring kit plus extra accessories plus off-road tires plus super low miles, I test rode the motorcycle, and paid a deposit. 


It happened so fast. I’d never had a manifestation work out that quickly and smoothly before. 


I am now the proud owner of a 2016 Honda Africa Twin. She doesn’t have a name yet but I’m sure that will happen when the time is right. 


My next priority is to start packing! We leave next week on a motorcycle road trip to the northern tip of Australia. 


For me, it is the road trip I’ve always dreamed of. 


Riding two wheels across the country, hiking in national parks, sleeping on beaches, watching every sunset and sunrise, and soaking up the sun from the saddle of my motorcycle. 


If you’d told me 4 years ago when I started riding motorcycles that I’d be embarking on a cross country road trip I would have thought you were high. Back then I was timid, had trouble speaking my mind, was living my life for others and not myself, didn’t feel a sense of fulfillment, and always wondered if there was something more for me in this life. 


I still don’t know that I’ve found that ‘something’ but I know the pursuit of my heart’s desires gets me closer and closer every day. And that by leaning into my wild nature I continue to find new parts of myself that contribute to my wholeness.


After all, life is a crazy adventure and I plan to explore it on two wheels. 


I’ll share stories from my road trip and send some pictures along the way!