Abundant Life Guide

Protect Your Energy To Overcome Overwhelm

Life feels extra crazy right now. 

Work/family/community commitments piling up with little time left to relax, unwind, or find clarity. 

We give SO much to others that we have little energy left to care for ourselves. 

How do you protect your energy?


An amazing way I've found to protect my energy has been with INTENTION. 

Basically, beginning there day with the intention that my energy will be protected at all times. 

We can anchor in this intention with a guided meditation to protect your energy and create an energy protection bubble. 

With my energy protected from outside forces I've been able to:

💜Serve my community in new, better ways

💜More focused attention in my relationship 

💜More time with friends/family

💜Better quality and quantity self-care practice 


Here's a meditation I recorded for you to help you protect your energy. 

Because you are worth it and you DESERVE it. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

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Love you, babes xxxx