Abundant Life Guide

Radical Self-Love For Manifestation

Self-love is a success principle. 

But for many women, the idea of self love can seem selfish.  

Self-love is more than loving how we look. Self-love is a deep affection and appreciation for who we are and what we represent. 

When we have radical self love we declare to the world that we accept ourselves despite what external forces prefer  we believe. 

When we feel whole and deeply love who we are we begin understand our power as wonderful creators of our life. 

We get comfortable being our authentic selves, speaking our mind, starting businesses, and building independent wealth. 

We feel worthy and deserving.

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Love and appreciation for the self is a huge part of manifestation because the world is a mirror of our consciousness. 

The way we love ourselves is reflected all around us. 

The home is a powerful representation of our inner world as a reflection of the standards we hold and therefore the love we express towards ourself. 

Is your home beautiful and comfortable? Or do you find it filled with clutter and useless objects?

Our self love and worth is visible in our mental processes as well as our physical belongings. 

What words do you speak to yourself? Is your self-talk positive and empowering, or negative and disempowering? 

Try documenting your self-talk throughout the day to understand your level of radical self-love. 

When we raise our standards for what we believe we are worth and love ourselves more deeply, then our physical reality starts to reflect that. 

According to the Law of Attraction, we attract what we are. 

Ways to practice radical self-love:



One powerful way to practice radical self-love is to affirm that you love yourself. 

Affirmations work with the subconscious mind to shift our identity and beliefs. Affirmations speak directly to the subconscious mind as suggestions that over time will shape who we become. 

Some radical self-love affirmations:

‘I love and accept myself unconditionally’

‘I accept who I am in all my divinity’

‘I am a perfect child of the Universe and I love every aspect of who I am’


Mirror work 

Mirror work is a terrific tool to deepen your self-love. 

How often do you look in the mirror to find fault and flaws? I know I spent most of my life actively looking for things in the mirror to inspect, insult, pick at, and change. 

Guess how it made me feel? Miserable and insecure and sometimes would ruin my entire day. 

Mirror work does the complete opposite. It combines affirmations with meeting yourself eye-to-eye. It is incredibly powerful and illuminating to speak positive words directly to your own face.

This can be hard for some, and if it feels confronting then take it slow and work your way up. 

Notice any specific words that are hard to say and reflect on why this is so. 

Statements to speak to yourself in the mirror:

‘I love you, I really really love you’

‘I love and accept you exactly as you are’

‘Hey gorgeous, you are looking fine’


Treat yourself like a friend would

Too often, we berate ourselves with hostile words that we would never speak to a friend. 

Next time you find yourself repeating mean thoughts, instead consider how a friend would counsel you. 

More than likely, they would treat you with compassion and kindness and lift you up because they know your words are not true. 

Try phrases like:

‘It’s ok, you didn’t mean it’

‘You will be better next time’

‘You are doing so good’

‘You are trying hard and that is a good thing’

‘Be gentle with yourself’

The love we have for ourselves amplifies the love we experience in our lives. When we feel good about ourselves then we start to magnetically attract our desires more easily and effortlessly. 

This is the Law of Attraction at work. 

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