Motorcycle Mindset Academy

Want to ride motorcycles but don't know how to get started? 

You're in the PERFECT place. Three years ago I was in the same EXACT spot. I really wanted to ride but had ZERO idea how to do it. 

Motorcycle Mindset Academy will take you FURTHER, FASTER on your journey so you can AUTHENTICALLY live your DREAM life. 

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What happens when you ride motorcycles?

Crush Doubt

You no longer doubt yourself or your abilities 

Eliminate Limitations

You are unstoppable because you are limitless

Live Free

You are free & in control of your life & destination


Here's the deal. 

It's been a rough 2 years. We could all use a break

Have you heard that folks all over the world are making life-altering changes & game-changing decisions in this 'new normal'?

You can hardly blame them. The old way of life seems like a distant memory so why not shake things up on your own terms for a change?

If you're reading this then you've likely wondered how to reinvent yourself & start building a life you've always wanted, not just the life other's want you to live.

Maybe you're sick & tired of the daily routine of eat, sleep, work,  rinse, repeat. It's gets OLD real fast

Or perhaps you find yourself staring with glazed eyes during another pointless meeting. You doodle in your notebook so you don't fall asleep

You watch others having fun & wonder if it's all an act because why are they so happy?

You've ticked all the boxes you were told mattered when you were growing up, yet life is so dull & unfulfilling

When you see women riding motorcycles you watch longingly because they look so free.

Or maybe you're a lifelong passenger & want to see what it feels like to take control.

You're ready for the next step that will bring excitement, energy, fulfillment & joy back into your life. 

You feel you have potential to be/do/have more in your life. 

You want to redefine yourself & your identity

Riding motorcycles will change your perception of who you are, what you're capable of, & open up a whole new world you never knew existed. 

You will experience the freedom of the open road, the pure joy of riding into the wind, the incredible community found with other riders who know exactly how it feels to live without limits.

You will be in control of your life because you will be in control of your journey.

Now more than ever, the world needs women who are unapologetically themselves. We need diverse faces with emboldened voices willing to try new things, THRIVE, then share their joy with others

When women live life on their own terms, the whole world benefits

There's never been a better time to ride motorcycles & live your best life.

Are you ready to change your life?

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What's included?

27 Videos

All jam packed with content, tips & advice to get you riding. Plus lifetime access to all content


Exclusive Community

Access to a private Facebook group of other women who want to ride, with curated content especially for YOU



28 pages full of tangible actions, templates & checklists to help you live your dream life


Your Fearless Leader

Hey, friend!

I'm Melissa Hussong & I'm SO glad you're here.

You might have already guessed that I ride motorcycles. But it wasn't always that way. 

Three years ago I found myself checking off all the boxes I thought I needed to in order to live 'the good life': school, career, living in a cool city.

One major checkbox was empty, though - personal fulfillment

I was bored & frustrated & felt that I was made for something more. Around that same time I discovered motorcycles. 

I quickly became OBSESSED with riding & wanted SO badly to learn how to ride.

But it was so new to me that I was overwhelmed with self-doubt & didn't think I could do it or even be good at it. 

Fast forward 12 months & I FINALLY got the courage to get my motorcycle endorsement. 

It took another 6 months to overcome imposter syndrome & get my first motorcycle. 

I've never looked back. I'm more confident than ever since I decided to take life by the handlebars.

Now I'm a certified motorcycle coach so I get to teach folks how to ride - how cool is that?!

I'm dedicating my life to helping & supporting women live authentically by riding motorcycles. 

Again, I'm so grateful you're here & can't wait to share my knowledge with you in Motorcycle Mindset Academy!

I know what you're thinking:

- Is this really for me? 

- I don't ride motorcycles so why would I take this course?

- I'm not cool/strong/smart enough to ride motorcycles.

- Why does it cost money to access this info?

- Who is this chick, anyway?

 I get it, I really do. I've felt all those feelings, too. 

Riding motorcycles seems like something all the cool kids do. But truth is we are ALL cool & we can ALL ride motorcycles

3 years ago I was the least likely to ride. I was a total 'good girl' & did everything that I was told. So why was I so bored with my life & feeling unfulfilled?

I thought I needed to be an expert to ride motorcycles, or a mechanic with intimate knowledge of engines. Truth is, if you can ride a bicycle then you can ride a motorcycle.

When you ride folks start to notice. You'll have more confidence, stand taller & speak clearly

Folks will recognize you as a total badass who has control of her life. They will seek you out at parties to ask you about your cool new life.

Motorcycle Mindset Academy is your ticket to freedom so you can live authentically & pursue your dreams. It puts you in the fast lane so that you can go from zero to (motorcycle) hero

I've poured all my hard-won lessons, triumphs & blood/sweat/tears from my motorcycle journey into this course so that you can accelerate with ease into the life of your dreams.

I'm completely OBSESSED with empowering women & helping others unleash their  potential. That's why I'm committed to helping & inspiring 1 million women worldwide ride motorcycles. 

Let me be your guide aka Motorcycle Mother so I can teach you all the steps I wish I knew when I was embarking on my motorcycle journey. 

Are you ready to ride?

Your life is waiting. All you've got to do is roll the throttle.

Course Framework

Don't forget the course workbook!

It's jam packed with helpful info, templates & tangible action steps to get you riding 2 wheels:

- How to find success even if you haven't ridden before

- How to find your 'why' for riding

- How to celebrate your wins

- How to unpack and reframe limiting beliefs

- How to book your motorcycle safety course

- How to find a motorcycle mentor

- Where to find motorcycle resources for new riders

- How to decide which motorcycle to buy

- How to budget for a motorcycle 

- Where to buy a motorcycle

- What questions to ask a seller

- What to consider before buying a motorcycle

Motorcycle safety gear must haves

- How to practice as a new rider

- How to build confidence on your riding journey

- How to set effective goals 

- How to find a riding community 

- How to deal with detractors

- How to trust yourself

Got questions? We've got the answers

This is the start of the rest of your life

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