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My 10,000 km Motorcycle Road Trip Across Australia

40 days and 10,000 kilometers later 🏍


It was the road trip of a lifetime and I loved every single moment. 


Now that I’m home I can fully absorb and reflect on how freaking awesome it was. 


In June I departed on a motorcycle road trip with my husband across the east coast of Australia. 


Only one month before that we moved to Australia from Minnesota.


We tend to go hard, and all-in, on this adventure called life⚡️ 


We had no motorcycles when we moved here and only a few suitcases of belongings to our name. 


Seemed like a great opportunity to ride across the country, right?


We bought motorcycles - matching Honda Africa Twin adventure touring bikes.


(See my post for more about my new motorcycle here)


His is red/white/blue (can you tell he is American?) and mine is silver/black (pretty badass if you ask me) 😎


So we packed our saddlebags and trunks and hit the road. 


I was excited AF the day we left. 


(Watch an Instagram live video about it here)


Every day of the 40 day road trip was total bliss. 


Some days we rode 200 km’s and others we rode 600 km’s. 


Camping at national parks/rest stops/campgrounds most of the way. 


The few motels we splurged on felt so luxurious. 


Life on the road is a completely different world. 


💜Every minute feels so bright and vivid.


💜Every person you meet is your new best friend.


💜Daily rhythms are gas stops and tire pressure checks.


💜Sunrises and sunsets are must-do rituals. 


💜Riding becomes as natural as breathing. 


💜‘Go with the flow’ is a way of life. 


💜Home is a tent and sleeping pad.


💜Incredible views around every corner.


💜Change is constant. 


💜Life is a non-stop adventure. 


💜Freedom is everywhere. 


💜Every moment treasured exactly as it is. 


On the very last day at our last gas stop we passed 10,000 kms on the trip meter. 


It was a dream come true for me and something I’d been manifesting all year. 


10,000 clicks and a motorcycle road trip across the country. 


Not only did I achieve both goals, but I did it in 7 months - 5 months short of my original timeframe.

I cried tears of joy when I arrived home on my motorcycle. It was so much better than I ever imagined.

This is what happens when you start working to manifest your desires.

The secret?

⚡️Show up for yourself & your desires
⚡️Be consistent in your manifestation practice
⚡️Stay open to possibilities
⚡️Take daily action towards your goals

It’s like a recipe - once you know the ingredients you can get incredible results. 


Over and over again.

The most important thing?

🔥Picking big, audacious goals that support you to achieve your dreams🔥

My sincere hope is that this post inspires you to think BIG, focus on what’s important to YOU, and to take inspired action towards your dream life. 


I love you babes!

Melissa Hussong 


P.S. I plan to share more stories from my road trip - find me on social media @melissahussong and let me know what you want to hear about!